Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Over and over we continue to let others come into our precious world and turn our lives upside down. They push us to our breaking points then leave us with all the pain of what they made our past. They leave just in time. They leave before they push us over the edge. Who wants 25 to life on a murder charge? After they are no longer in our world we stand at the edge of that cliff contemplating. Should we jump? Many have. Never to return to the world of theirs that once used to be precious. Jumping only to ease the pain if just for one second. We are forced to be trapped in our own thoughts. Thoughts that bring us closer to misery and death each day. There is no longer a world. We are now in our own world hurting and alone. Only because our past refuses to let anyone in. We now stay on our toes and keep up a constant guard. Love is not an option anymore. Because in our own minds love got us to this cliff. In our world there are no take backs. The damage is done. No apology can change our state of mind. We don't need any sympathy. We are already dead. We died long before the cliff. Only we did not die physically. That is just what is left of us. How can you commit suicide when you're already dead?If I commit suicide it will only be to kill what I let someone make the definitionof me. The me I allowed to be handled and pushed to my limits. Committing suicide will only cause the rebirth of the new and better me.

J. Jacks


  1. i am me.and u are u!
    not what they want us to be or who they think we are.. i see so many ppl that TRY so hard to fit in or copy others..individuality is rare to find now n days..but glad i know who i am!

  2. wow girl you really have a way with words.Life can take us on so many different parts,out of something horrible can sometimes come great your writing !it touches the soul.