Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still sick!

Omg I can't wait to get over this cold! I was soooooo sick this mornin'! And hungover on top of that! I had the worst hangover I ever had. Threw up last night then woke up and threw up twice. Ugh! It was nothin' nice! And I had the biggest headache! Then I took a nap and woke up feelin' much better. Got a little somethin' to eat and two cans of ginger ale. I just took some tylenol cold night time but I'm not drowsy or anything. I've just been goin' threw it today! By the way last night I didn't have to break up a fight so I'm here lol. And everyone is okay and in one piece. Just kicked it at Aaron's and got way too drunk to function. Ugh! Don't even want to think about it or alcohol. I'm out!


  1. damn,the poor baby is sick,hope u feel better

  2. u did say liquor was your shit!haha.little tip for you,midol & pamprin help with hangovers..they are diuretics and help cure whatevre symptoms you have.Like i said,age is not a factor in my life.=]