Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama!

Congratulations to Obama! Today is the day he has become our 1st acknowledged BLACK president! I've heard so much hate today about all the things he is NOT! And I will quote what was said "The 44TH President is not your homie from the hood, he is not a superhero, he is not invincible, and he definitely is not the savior." Hmmm... all which is true BUT who ever said any of that? I know he is NONE of those things BUT he is a strong BLACK man who has today yet again made history! He has given hope to soooo many people who had given up....sooo many people who thought they would never see this day. He rekindled so many dreams! Also said was, "Yes he is articulate and intelligent, he is carismatic and inspiring, he brings a certain coolness and swagger to the office of president but have we forgotten? He is a politician. He cannot deliver the things he promised." Now how do we know what he can and cannot deliver? He was just sworn in today! I think we should stop doubtin' the man and just him let do his thing. He inherited a mess and it's goin' to take time to get things the way they need to be but I believe he is the man to take those first steps in gettin' us there. I have faith in the Lord and I know HE is my savior but Obama is my president and I voted for him and he is BLACK and we will watch him do his thing! Let the man actually do somethin' wrong before you decide to criticize...please! Obama yall!


  1. who said all those things? fk who's hating..they never wanna see something positive on top..to everyone who speaks negative on a positive situation is probably pessimistic and they can never be satisfied..i know he changed the way i think because he changed the world who once thought we would never have a black president..and its not about black n white but its present..so can we be proud..it doesnt stop here tho..to everyone else who is waiting for obama to do his thang..we have to do our part too..join the community outreaches and give back cuz we do live n a fkd up place but im finally proud to be an american! shoooo....

    back to my toes

  2. The pastor I've been talkin' to on facebook said it. You know I let him have it and expressed my thoughts in the nicest way possible! Lol. And he's BLACK and voted for Obama! Ugh! I knew you'd feel me that's why I told you to read it.

  3. oh dont let me talk to him! please dont..dont even introduce me to him