Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 (Days 1, 2 & 3)

Okay sooooooo... I'm joinin' my bff Daja in this this called Project 365. Which means I am vowing that everyday of 2010 I will take a picture of myself or something that I absolutely LOVE other than my self... I may not get to post every single day but I will try! Regardless I will post all the pics when I get on of the days that I missed postin'. To make the blogs a little longer I actually might just post every could days or week.. Not sure how this will work yet. Each picture will have a story to it if not then a poem or just a normal post. Let the games begin!
P.s. By me doin' this you should KNOW me by the end of the year!

Day 1: (1/1/10)
I chose my LIPS for day 1 because they are my absolute FAVORITE part of my body! They're not too big...not too small... I see them as truly bein' the closest thing to PERFECTION. I take the best care of them. Keep my lipgloss POPPIN'! If I run out I'll complain all day and be forced to lick my lips which used to be a bad habit of mine until I discovered lipgloss.

Day 2: (1/2/10)

Happy Birthday PEACHES! So Today was my friend Peaches birthday! She turned 24 =)... We went to lunch at La Tolteca (Mexican restaurant). Went home...passed out and woke up late. We ended up goin' grocery shoppin' and cooked fried chicken, velveeta shells & cheese, brocolli, sparkin' wine & GREY GOOSE.

So we ate, drank & watched Step Brothers... =)

Day 3: (1/3/10)

FRUITY PEBBLES! My favorite cereal ever!! Had a bowl today and it was absolutely delicious!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Haven't touched this since July 3rd when I finally decided to part ways wit' my ex... Never meant to part ways wit' yall too.... So I'm baaaaack! New posts comin' soooooon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally Over!!

Every morning I wake up with a sick feeling in my stomach like this can't be right. This can't be life. These days I look in the mirror and don't even see myself. I don't see who I used to be I don't see who I want to become and I damn sure don't see who I wish to be right now. I am currently the same woman I looked down upon for years. A woman who cheats herself out of happiness for the pleasure of a man. I have been made to think I am wrong when I am really right only to right his wrongdoings. I have put up with things that no woman should ever have to go through. I have cried so many tears that never hit the ground because a mislead hand made them fall short only pretending in hopes I'd think he actually cared. Lies and cheating yeah I've been through all of that. Through it all I came back trying to make something work that God never meant to be. My friends don't know who I am any more because of the life I "choose" to live. I degrade my own self by allowing these things that are happening to me to continue to go on. I know I am a great woman and I deserve to be treated with respect and I have not been getting that by the actions of a man. The woman I currently am is not the woman I am destined to become. No matter how hard life gets I will never again tolerate the wrongdoings of a man because I feel like I have no other choice. There's ALWAYS another choice and even though it's not what I prefer it is better than losing my self respect. So the day this gets posted I have finally decided to turn to the next chapter of my life. And although I don't know what it may bring I put my faith in God and I know it will all turn out all right in THE END!

This was originally written on June 18th...just posted tonight...

I want to leave everyone with this... you never know peoples situations when you are on the outside looking in. People may think I'm always happy because I easily smile but life is rough and times are hard. Try not to judge those you don't know or make assumptions due to what you see...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I want a love like this....

I love the Obama's! I definitely want to find a love like theirs I can call my own!

Barack Hussein Obama!

Congratulations to Obama! Today is the day he has become our 1st acknowledged BLACK president! I've heard so much hate today about all the things he is NOT! And I will quote what was said "The 44TH President is not your homie from the hood, he is not a superhero, he is not invincible, and he definitely is not the savior." Hmmm... all which is true BUT who ever said any of that? I know he is NONE of those things BUT he is a strong BLACK man who has today yet again made history! He has given hope to soooo many people who had given up....sooo many people who thought they would never see this day. He rekindled so many dreams! Also said was, "Yes he is articulate and intelligent, he is carismatic and inspiring, he brings a certain coolness and swagger to the office of president but have we forgotten? He is a politician. He cannot deliver the things he promised." Now how do we know what he can and cannot deliver? He was just sworn in today! I think we should stop doubtin' the man and just him let do his thing. He inherited a mess and it's goin' to take time to get things the way they need to be but I believe he is the man to take those first steps in gettin' us there. I have faith in the Lord and I know HE is my savior but Obama is my president and I voted for him and he is BLACK and we will watch him do his thing! Let the man actually do somethin' wrong before you decide to criticize...please! Obama yall!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My President Is Officially Black!! (Tomorrow)

In less than 24 hours my president will be BLACK! Omg I can't wait and I thank the LORD that I lived to see it! As well as my grandmothers and my dad because I know it means a lot to them! I'm so excited! I'm so proud! Many said it would never happen. We all hoped and believed it would but never knew it would be so soon! A lot don't want us to be happy, don't want us to rejoice, and celebrate. Like him makin' it was enough and now we should shut up about it. Not I! I won't shut up. I will be happy and I will rejoice! Because I can! Shout out to Barack Obama for bein' a reality to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could only dream! Let's keep makin' history! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still sick!

Omg I can't wait to get over this cold! I was soooooo sick this mornin'! And hungover on top of that! I had the worst hangover I ever had. Threw up last night then woke up and threw up twice. Ugh! It was nothin' nice! And I had the biggest headache! Then I took a nap and woke up feelin' much better. Got a little somethin' to eat and two cans of ginger ale. I just took some tylenol cold night time but I'm not drowsy or anything. I've just been goin' threw it today! By the way last night I didn't have to break up a fight so I'm here lol. And everyone is okay and in one piece. Just kicked it at Aaron's and got way too drunk to function. Ugh! Don't even want to think about it or alcohol. I'm out!