Monday, January 19, 2009

My President Is Officially Black!! (Tomorrow)

In less than 24 hours my president will be BLACK! Omg I can't wait and I thank the LORD that I lived to see it! As well as my grandmothers and my dad because I know it means a lot to them! I'm so excited! I'm so proud! Many said it would never happen. We all hoped and believed it would but never knew it would be so soon! A lot don't want us to be happy, don't want us to rejoice, and celebrate. Like him makin' it was enough and now we should shut up about it. Not I! I won't shut up. I will be happy and I will rejoice! Because I can! Shout out to Barack Obama for bein' a reality to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could only dream! Let's keep makin' history! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


  1. I'm glad you're not afraid!
    Todays the big day!

  2. girrrrl i cried soo much this morning! i felt sooo proud!

  3. its truely a blessing that a man can be so beautiful and intelligent..and have so much swag its ridiculous but also be underrated and not get the credit he deserves...

    oh wait i was distracted by luda..but all of the above applies for obama too lol...
    naw but its a blessing that dr.martin luther king jr.'s dream is now reality!

  4. Well put Daja! Lol so stupid and funny and BLACK! Girl be proud lol! I know u always were!

  5. isnt is a blessing?
    im glad to see that America has changed for the better.. im still in shock but im very thankful.