Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because Of You

Because of you I love everyone not really loving anyone. Your absence is why true love never lived here and for it I cannot find a definition to help me grasp what it truly may mean. How is it possible for me to love without really loving at all? My love for others comes easily because I'm trying to fill up an empty place in my heart. A place that should have been yours but you never met. A lost love for me doesn't hurt for long because of you I've learned life must go on. Is it love at all? Or are these people I claim to love just pawns in my life of chess? A thought process trying to escape or replace that one person I love to hate and hate to love.

J. Jacks


  1. like i said before u have to work on forgiving.. everybody deserves a second chance..well not necessarily but everybody is human..we all make mistakes..some worse than others but who are we to define whats worse..only God can judge..n this case this "person" left an ever lasting wound on ur heart..something u can never forget..but u must learn to accept it..she probably will NEVER change..but u cant sit around and wait for it..forgive her and move on with ur life..i did with my dad..i love him sooo much but sometimes i feel like the love isnt returned or appreciated..i wouldnt gave up on him long ago but the lil girl inside of me just wants her daddy to prove he cares! ugh..i love the relationship u and ur dad have and the one maxine and her dad thats gonna be one of my next blogs.

  2. Yeah we're close wit' our dads but look how close you are wit' ur grandma. We don't have that. So it all ends up workin' out I guess. I'm really tryna work on forgivin' her these days. Been talkin' to this pastor on Facebook. He's really smart.