Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a new daaayyy!

Okay so today I feel much better! I've come a loooong way from how I felt last night! My cold is slowly fadin' away...tonight is movie night wit' Aaron.... Goin' to see the Biggy movie! I can't wait because EVERYBODY is goin'! What else... Well it's Friday so that's always good because now I can party all weekend startin' tonight! Already have my 99 blackberries and Turkey hill Limonade! Have never put the two together but I'll def be back on tomorrow and sharin' the experience. I was up until 4am this mornin'! I could not sleep! I guess I was just that mad. Even took four Tylenol Cold PM and still didn't help! But it's a new day and so far I'm lovin' it! I'll be back!

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