Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Innocent Love

Love is a bond. A commitment far greater than anything that can be verbalized and it doesn't have to be. When it's there you know it. You feel it. A new love can make one feel like an old love wasn't real. But it was. Love is never the same. No two loves are alike. Love is always kind, never cruel. That's when people come into play. Too many times love has been blamed for an individuals mistakes. People who use the word but have no idea what it really means or how much power it holds. Some only use it to get what they want, for their own benefit. Whatever that may be. And because of these individuals and their ignorance and selfishness love is spoken bad upon and blamed for lies, deception, infidelity, you name it. Blamed for ones lack of better judgment, inability to control themselves or just not caring to. Those fallen into the hands of temptation. Love never lies. Nor does it cheat. People do. Love isn't to be blamed for our heartache and shortcomings. People are, sometimes those people being ourselves. Who's really to blame? Which way do you point your finger? Towards the one who mislead you? Lied… covered it up… brought you up… then broke you down… cheated… abused you in sometimes more ways than one…the one who said they'd always be there and you shared everything with… did all you could do… your best and they still left. Which is your story? Or do you blame yourself? For ignoring all the signs. Not seeing the truth behind the lies… or not wanting to… for giving your heart to the wrong one… someone who didn't appreciate it… didn't appreciate you and all your love was worth… for loving someone who took advantage… and took your love for granted. Stop pointing your finger in loves direction. Love is not to blame. Love is always kind, never cruel. Love is never the same. Who's to say your next love won't be better? Take a chance. If you choose wisely your next love will be so much better than the ones before. The ones that ALMOST made you throw dirt on loves name.

J. Jacks!


  1. its takes these test to grow..we all go thru it..but learning from it and not wanting to see or believe it determines the type of person u are..idk..thats just my opinion..we both know all the ex's will NEVER find nothin BETTER..until THEY far as im concerned we aint do shit wrong

  2. You will never know true happiness
    until you have truly loved,
    and you will never understand
    what pain really is
    until you have lost it.