Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If Only (Dedication to my bff)

If only he could look past the hurt and see his worth.
If only just for one second he could understand his life has just begun.
If only there was someone who could help him realize he is not at fault.
If only he could give his mind a rest and know her mistakes are not his own.
If only so many years had not gone by.
If only there was some way to help ease his pain.
If only his thoughts did not control what has become his life.
If only he could think freely without faking a smile.
If only he hadn't started to question why he had been such a good man.
If only he needed someone I'd forever be there.
If only a friend could help him through his struggle.
If only he decided to let me in.
If only his past had not shut that door.
If only precious time was not being wasted.
If only for once he would let her mind do the wondering.
If only he could let her heart do the hurting.
If only that happened then he could stop searching.
If only in plain sight he could see she is winning.
If only he understood he can't master a mind she controls.

J. Jacks

1 comment:

  1. he will one day..hopefully sooner than later..u cant change the past but u cant let it hold u back from ur future..
    he'll be fine..just continue to be there for him and show him not all WoMAN are the same..let em know he aint met this tenderoni just playin