Saturday, January 17, 2009

No No No Notorious!

Oooookay so Aaron and I went to see Notorious last night and it was GOOD! I was pissed because for the openin' night how are the two latest showtimes at 7:30 and 10:15?! And even if that was the case why only have it showin' in one room?! Now I live in a town wit' majority blacks so they know they were wrong for that! UGH! Aaron didn't get off til 9 and still had to go get the tickets (before it sold out) then still go home and change so we had to rush. We made it on time and thank GOD we didn't have to stand in line and wait for those tickets! You know that section in the front of the movies that's off to the side...kinda curves? Well....that's where we had to sit! Lol. Man my neck was hurtin' from sittin' at that angle! UGH! We were in the second row lol. But I was just happy to be in America and seein' the damn movie lol. There was not one seat left open!

Now back to the movie! In my opinion it was a really good movie. I definitely saw a different side to Biggie that I never heard about. He seemed to be a funny guy and someone easy to love. Now I'm NOT gonna sit up here and tell the movie because I HATE when people do that! But go see it everyone! I do have to share that I think they could've found a better lookin' 2pac! But hey they did what they could I guess. And Derek Luke played Diddy perfectly lol! I always liked Derek Luke (just found out his name today) as an actor and also admired his lips but never even knew his name. I would just call him Antwone Fisher lol. But I think the Diddy look (hair and mustache) is actually a look he should keep. I think he's cute now! Hate on it! And the guy who played Biggie did a good job! Also make sure you take notice Naturi (girl that got kicked out of 3LW) as Lil Kim and the lil boy from Losing Isaiah (I know it's old) plays Lil Ceaz (or however he spells it)! I'm outta here!


  1. I agree, I thought it was well-made and I enjoyed it!!

    R.I.P. Big!

  2. IT WAS VERY GOOD.. but that 2pac.. comeon. read MY blog on THAT guy.