Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 (Days 1, 2 & 3)

Okay sooooooo... I'm joinin' my bff Daja in this this called Project 365. Which means I am vowing that everyday of 2010 I will take a picture of myself or something that I absolutely LOVE other than my self... I may not get to post every single day but I will try! Regardless I will post all the pics when I get on of the days that I missed postin'. To make the blogs a little longer I actually might just post every could days or week.. Not sure how this will work yet. Each picture will have a story to it if not then a poem or just a normal post. Let the games begin!
P.s. By me doin' this you should KNOW me by the end of the year!

Day 1: (1/1/10)
I chose my LIPS for day 1 because they are my absolute FAVORITE part of my body! They're not too big...not too small... I see them as truly bein' the closest thing to PERFECTION. I take the best care of them. Keep my lipgloss POPPIN'! If I run out I'll complain all day and be forced to lick my lips which used to be a bad habit of mine until I discovered lipgloss.

Day 2: (1/2/10)

Happy Birthday PEACHES! So Today was my friend Peaches birthday! She turned 24 =)... We went to lunch at La Tolteca (Mexican restaurant). Went home...passed out and woke up late. We ended up goin' grocery shoppin' and cooked fried chicken, velveeta shells & cheese, brocolli, sparkin' wine & GREY GOOSE.

So we ate, drank & watched Step Brothers... =)

Day 3: (1/3/10)

FRUITY PEBBLES! My favorite cereal ever!! Had a bowl today and it was absolutely delicious!

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  1. keep going keep going.
    ew to ur lips lmao
    i want some fruity pebbles